Modern Baskets is fuelled by the joy of making people happy. The way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach!

Shannon, the founder of Modern Baskets, grew up in a large family and has many fond memories of sit-down dinners at a long table; always with a lot of food, family and lively conversation. Shannon has 2 amazing children and loves being a mom.

Shannon and her husband Chris had the opportunity to travel to Europe. They visited Italy, Greece and the Mediterranean numerous times. They explored many interesting, historical places, tasted many dishes and flavours and soaked up as much European culture as they could. Travelling to Europe was a huge inspiration for Shannon’s business venture!

Like a Renaissance painting, every item in each basket fits like a perfectly balanced composition; combining flavours like colours into a complete work of art. Every item is chosen carefully and there is nothing out of place.

Shannon takes pride and care in every part of the process; choosing the items, wrapping them beautifully and seeing the joy in people’s faces when the baskets are delivered. It is very important to her to support local whenever possible.

When you send a basket to someone, you are sending not just the gift of delectable treats, but a basket of culture, joy & love.