• The Big Italian Basket


    Go big, go Italian. This is a full 3 course meal; appetizer, dinner & dessert all in one basket! This mouth-watering basket will leave you full...

    The Italian Basket Includes: 
    • Local Italian restaurant * ILL Covo marinara sauce
    • Ill Covo tapenade
    • Gnoochi
    • Olives
    • Island brie
    • That's my jam
    • Pellegrino water or Love h20
    • Crissy's bag of chocolate chips cookies or oatmeal
    • Cobs cheese and garlic pull apart bread or focaccia (fresh daily)
    • Local Rockcoast chocolates
    • Boursin cheese
    • Rain Forest crisps
    • All beautifully packed into an apple barrel basket
  • The Big Local Island Basket


    Go big and taste all the delicious flavours of Vancouver Island. The contents of this basket are hand-picked to sho...

    • Cobs Herb and Cheese pull apart (fresh daily)
    • Sarah's staples jam
    • Little qualicum cheeseworks Brie
    • **Tofino towel co – Throw blanket  (changes upon availability)
    • Pickle and ponders pickles
    • Country Bee's box of 5 mini jars of honey
    • Yellow deer mustard
    • Santa cookie
    • Martha's shortbread
    • TWIGZ
    • That’s my Jam trio pack
    • Crissy's Chocolate chip cookies and carrot cake
    • All beautifully packed into an apple basket or pine box 
    • Products are subject to change upon availability – replaced with similar products
  • The Housewarming Box ❤️


    Looking to treat that special someone!? Look no further!


    Welcome to your new home!

    This customizable box has everything...

    The Love❤️ box Includes:
    • Love H20 Water
    • 2 Herringbone Tumblers
    • White Tofino Towel CO Kitchen Towel
    • LIT Candle
    All wrapped beautifully in a pine box with a bow!
    Featured Restaurants
    Saveur Restaurant Il Covo Trattoria
  • The Valentine’s Day Local Box


    Looking for a unique Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone, a valued client?

    We have you covered with our Local Box!

    The Valentine's Local Box Includes:
    • Rockcoast Valentine's box of chocolates
    • Amanda’s heart cookies *2
    • Crissy's vanilla with pink icing cake in a jar
    • Lannie Rae Pancakes
    • Cosman Syrup
    • Cordova co large candle
    • Page 37 gold candle
    • Deep cove The Queen white wine
    • Roses
    • All beautifully packaged in a box with a bow.


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